A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In the ancient village of Snecohtitlán you can either be a worshipper of Achtla, goddess of the sun and fire, or a cultist of Ezqui, god of thunder and storms, deities known as the two faces of the Mighty Snek.

Bring offerings to your deity to protect the village from their wrath.

Each deity will ask for 3 offerings at a time (fruit, gold, hens and NEWBORNS!), pick them carefully and bring them to your temple's altar. Remember: bringing something unrequested to your altar will make the deity very sad.

The wrath of any god will affect the whole village: beware of Achtla's fire walls (they will ostruct your path) and Ezqui's electric fields (they'll destroy your offering if you step on them).

When your deity's satisfaction bar reaches zero, the other cult prevails and you lose.

We hope you enjoy the game and praise the Snek :)



2 players 


keyboard / controller


GAME DESIGN ◆ Marina Andreose, Demetrio Zachary Tagliapietra
3D ART & VFX ◆ Stefano Bertolin, Mattia Ceretta
PROGRAMMING ◆ Demetrio Zachary Tagliapietra
2D ART & UI ◆ Marina Andreose


PraiseTheSnek_Win.zip 78 MB
PraiseTheSnek_Mac.zip 83 MB


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The play button can not be pressed on the mac version :(

(1 edit)

That's weird.. We'll check it out as soon as possible. Are you sure you pressed the right button? (enter to select) I'm saying that because it used to work on mac 

Ah that was it! I was trying to click the button. Thank you!

You're welcome! Thanks for playing :)